To Boldy Go: Star Trek Discovery


It’s been 12 years since Star Trek has had a TV series. Now CBS has brought back this tradition, with the launch of Star Trek: Discovery this Fall. Trek is on TV again–where, I’d argue, it properly belongs.

So did this new take on the iconic space opera live up to the hype and hoped dreams?

Let’s discuss.

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Into Darkness: Of Tribbles and Trek

star-trek-2-into-darkness-poster“Flawed but ultimately enjoyable,” seems to be the going mantra on the second installment of JJ Abrams adaptation of Gene Roddenberry’s vision, Star Trek 2: Into Darkness. Hrrrm. I wanted to tow that party line. I wanted to join in on all the gushing. If only for the sake of peace. But sorry, after sitting through two viewings of this flick, like a Double XX posse track, “I’m not gonna be able to do it.”


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