Ring Shout Gets a Film Option

Uh oh.

So, late announcement, but this is a thing that happened.

First of all…. wow. Second of all…WOW.

I wrote about how Ring Shout came to be a few months back. As I said then, this was a story that was rumbling about in my head for a few years. I wasn’t sure it would ever actually be written. And I pitched it on a whim–something to take up some space before my full length novel comes out in May 2021. I thought it’d be a curious novella that might catch a bit of attention. Mostly I was just happy to get it out of my thoughts, down on the page, and out into the imaginations of readers. But this? This world of options and possible adaptations and me sitting on the phone talking to producers, chopping it up with directors like Kasi Lemmons (I still remember going on a date in college to see Eve’s Bayou) and zoom chatting with Kiki Layne while trying (and failing) not to look starstruck–didn’t expect none of this. At. All. I’m extremely grateful, and humbled by it. But it’s also still very surreal. Like watching it play out with someone else. Yet here we are. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

So that’s it. That’s the big news. And how I’m signing off this blog for 2020. It has definitely not been the best of years. At all. But I’m thankful for what good bits I was fortunate enough to experience–including this. See everyone on the other side of this spin about the sun.

Read the full article in Deadline.

6 thoughts on “Ring Shout Gets a Film Option

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  2. It couldn’t have happened to a more deserving Haradrim, but still, that’s mind blowing 🤯. Your books are hard to put down, but you must be dealing with a Djinn to kick it up like this;-)) I can’t wait to get back to Cairo in your next book. Congratulations!

  3. Congratulations! I can’t believe you wrote my favorite fantasy story of the year “to take up some space.” I can’t wait for A Master of Djinn.

  4. Well done! Great story, it was a very cinematic read for me. Particularly after watching the Lovecraft series. It will work well on screen, I’m glad that big wigs saw that too. :-))

  5. Congratulations! I hope it provides you with the way to free yourself up for more of what you’d like to do. Ring Shout is a powerful book, and I love the way it educates as much as entertains, although I found myself kind of freaked out that I couldn’t always tell your ‘imagined’ world from the ‘real’ one. That’s been rectified, thank you.

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