GOT- “What is Dead May Never Die”

Another Sunday, another episode of Game of Thrones. So I sat through episode 3 of the 2nd season, where, as expected, very little happened. Tyrion is consolidating his power in King’s Landing. After a glimpse last week of a White Walker, Robb and the Watch get kicked out of Craster the Molester’s incestous “lovenest,” and are to set off in search of Wildlings. Bran’s doing his pre-Warg thing. Theron Greyjoy, flush with daddy issues, is about to engage in some serious *betrayal* that will not go well for him in the end (what rhymes with REEK?) And Renly is busy making with the man-love instead of getting his army into the field. Was hoping to see what’s up with our favorite Targaryen, but they kept it in Westeros. No Red Lady or Stannis either. Bummer. Did get a strong showing of Natalie Dormer as a politically astute Margaery Tyrell. And Gwendoline Christie makes an excellent Brienne the Beauty (was wondering who was going to fill that part). Some excitement came at the end (which is becoming typical for the series), with Arya and Yoren–though I remember that enire scene a bit differently in the book. In any case, our youngest Stark has started the deathwish name recital ritual, so we’re well on our way to “Valar Morghulis.” Till next week, because all men must die . . . .

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